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Simply efficient videosurveillance

Discover our solutions. These allow you to build scalable monitoring that meets today's and tomorrow's security challenges.

eboo box calculator

Use the eboo box calculator to design your video surveillance system. Select the cameras you want to use and the calculator will estimate the network bandwidth and storage required. It will even automatically suggest the eboo boxes adapted to your needs.

eboo manager

The eboo manager web portal allows you to supervise all your installations. Monitor the proper functioning of your systems. Be alerted in case of malfunction. Download the latest versions of the software and their documentation.

eboo DNS

Eboo DNS is a Dynamic DNS service that is offered with the latest versions of eboo server and eboo basic. No need for a fixed IP address, with eboo DNS, you can easily access your sites remotely.

Manage your businesses

Keep an eye over the city

Protect your facilities

Secure your industrial sites

Protect your home

eboo box

The ready-to-use video surveillance server

eboo server

The video surveillance software that fits to your needs

eboo basic

The simple and efficient videosurveillance software

eboo cloud

The hosted video surveillance service

Smart 2 clicks event search !

This video shows how effectively you search for an event over a 6-hour period. The operation is done in 2 seconds !

You can do this yourself by downloading eboo vision.